Wednesday, May 26, 2010

it's tradition...

...every year on Mother's Day my family tries to play a game of baseball together just like my mom remembers doing when she was growing up.  It was a perfect day for it, and it was fun having so many eager little kids wanting to play!
All the cousins waiting for a turn at bat
Memaw at bat
Ronan and Papa took turns being pitcher
Uncle Aaron trying to tag Ronan out (:
Cedar wants to play baseball, too. (:
~Photo by Memaw~
Pretty Sadie
Katrina helping Cedar take steps--none on his own yet. (:
The Whole Fam
(Except for Erik, who wasn't able to come down from Seattle.  We missed him!)

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Jon and Amy said...

Great pictures! I love the one of you and Griffin and the family shot! What a great tradition! :)