Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mother's Day- round 2

In the evening on Mother's Day we went to Amy & Jon's house to have dinner and celebrate with Josh's mom.  When we were driving to their house it suddenly started pouring down rain and there was thunder & lightning!  It was kind of crazy after such a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  We all hung out inside and the kids played great together.  When there was a break from the rain we went outside to take pictures:
Josh with his Mom & sisters, Amy & Erin
Amy & her kids:
Macey and Ethan (3 and 1/2), & Emma (19 months)
Erin & her kids:
Audrey (almost 11), Dylan (5), and Lydia (7 and 3/4)
sweet Mother & Daughter moment
The kids found huge worms in the grass (:
 Josh's parents with their new car!
me, Amy, & Erin
When we got home Ronan remembered that he still hadn't given me the gift he made for me at school.  I loved his sweet card and the neat photo that was taken of him through a kaleidoscope.
What a full, fun Mother's Day weekend!

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