Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pre-Mother's Day

Saturday, May 8th~ Ronan had a t-ball game in the morning and then we ran a few errands before heading home.  At Costco there happened to be a fundraiser going on for the Children's Miracle Network where you could get your picture taken with Star Wars characters! It was a pretty big deal for our boys. (:  After the picture Griffin said, "that Darth Vader was really nice." (:
When we got home, Josh and the boys gave me my Mother's Day gifts: two hanging baskets with flowers that they helped Daddy plant, and two big ceramic pots for our back deck to plant vegetables in.
Since we knew that most of Sunday would be focused on celebrating with our moms, Josh wanted to take me out to dinner so that we could have a special time for just the four of us.  We went to Kowloon because the fried rice and sweet & sour soup sounded really good to me. (:  It was a nice treat getting to spend that time with my favorite guys!!

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