Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fishing + Swimming

Here are some highlights from the last week of June:
6/27~ While the big boys swam in the Hayman's pool, Tate was entertained in their super cool jumpy seat!
Griffin loved the sand box (:
The water was really cold, but the kids didn't seem to mind too much...
Ronan had fun playing basketball with the Fuller boys.
Warming up in the hot tub (:
6/28~ R&G rode their bikes and I jogged with Tate in the stroller to meet up with Memaw & Papa for a special fishing outing at Alton Baker park!
Ronan got a lot of practice casting the line...but didn't get any nibbles ):
We happened to be fishing near one of Papa's former students, who caught three or four fish in the short time we were there!  He even let Griffin reel one in. (:
On the way home we stopped at the BMX track!  Griffin was able to do the whole course by himself this time--a first for him!
A few days later we met up with some friends at the huge park at Splash.  It was our first time going there and it was a big hit with my boys!  
Cohen & Griffin are at the top of this climbing structure!
Aunt Becca getting some time with Tate (:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Berry Patch

Our annual strawberry patch outing with the Moms of Grace group is always such a fun way to kick-off summer!  The kids love eating the berries and taking in all of the farm fun.  This was the first year that Ronan and Griffin actually filled a whole bucket with berries!  It was awesome to have such big helpers. (;
Katrina was off work, so she and her boys got to come along!
Ethan wore the right color for strawberry picking!
Sadie, Ro, and Laine
Fillin' the bucket (;
Caden & Tyler
Keaton & Deena
Lunch Time
John & Kelly
Molly & Mason
The always wild & crazy merry-go-round...
Proof that I was there (:
Tyler is almost as tall as Jenn!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Too Cool for School!

Sadie~ almost 8, Ronan~ almost 7

Father's Day cont'd

When we got home from the coast we unloaded the car, got cleaned up, and spent the rest of the day celebrating Father's Day
Seeing these boys interact with their amazing daddy just melts my heart!  I am so thankful for Josh and how he is such a helpful & involved father!  He is so gentle and caring, fun and silly, and ever so patient!! 
Ronan and Griffin each made Father's Day gifts at school and they were really excited for Josh to open them.  Ronan wrote a little book with pictures of things he likes to do with his dad (building things, playing baseball, riding bikes...).  It was very sweet!
Griffin made a cool plaque that said "My Family Rocks" on it...the rocks represent each of the people in our family (:
Josh has such a soft heart for his boys! (:
G & R showing their drawings & nice words in the card they helped pick out.
We gave daddy some decorations for our backyard that he's been working so hard on:  an outdoor clock & a fire bowl.
Later that evening we brought an ice cream cake over to Josh's parent's house to celebrate with his dad.  Amy and Jon were in Portland for Jon's father's day surprise (tickets to watch a Portland Timbers game!), so Grammie & Grandpa were watching Ethan, Macey, & Emma.
Emma found a caterpillar!

Tate & Grandpa

Father & Son (: