Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fishing + Swimming

Here are some highlights from the last week of June:
6/27~ While the big boys swam in the Hayman's pool, Tate was entertained in their super cool jumpy seat!
Griffin loved the sand box (:
The water was really cold, but the kids didn't seem to mind too much...
Ronan had fun playing basketball with the Fuller boys.
Warming up in the hot tub (:
6/28~ R&G rode their bikes and I jogged with Tate in the stroller to meet up with Memaw & Papa for a special fishing outing at Alton Baker park!
Ronan got a lot of practice casting the line...but didn't get any nibbles ):
We happened to be fishing near one of Papa's former students, who caught three or four fish in the short time we were there!  He even let Griffin reel one in. (:
On the way home we stopped at the BMX track!  Griffin was able to do the whole course by himself this time--a first for him!
A few days later we met up with some friends at the huge park at Splash.  It was our first time going there and it was a big hit with my boys!  
Cohen & Griffin are at the top of this climbing structure!
Aunt Becca getting some time with Tate (:

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Denise said...

Your boys all have such sweet smiles, especially the littlest!! Thanks for sharing the pix!