Friday, July 8, 2011

Camping-1st night

We spent Father's Day weekend camping at Honeyman State Park with my side of the family.  It was Tate's first camping trip--and it had been years (+ 5 more kids added to the family) since we last camped together!  I had a moment of panic when we got there and started setting up camp,..."what am I thinking camping with a baby?!?".  But, all in all, it was a good experience and I'm really glad we did it!  Tate goes with the flow pretty well, and it was great having so many hands available to help out.  We missed having Kenton, Finley, & Erik there!
When we arrived on Friday afternoon the weather was perfect!  We quickly set up camp so we could explore the dunes.
Katrina was brave to come on her own with Cedar (without Kenton & Finn, who were in San Diego for a wedding).
Josh got a workout pulling the kids around the sand in saucers.
*I borrowed these next six pictures from Katrina
 Memaw & Papa arrived in time for dinner and the Chases got there a couple hours later...
Cuddles with Memaw & Papa
...just in time for s'mores!
Griffin focusing on eating his s'mores (:
Ronan & Griffin were SO excited to sleep in the tent in their new sleeping bags!  They shared a twin air mattress, but in the morning they were snuggled together sleeping on the ground next to it. 
Tate woke up several times in the night, so Josh and I didn't get much sleep either.  Thankfully everyone was smiling in the morning. (:
The Chase kids were eager to see Tate in the morning--when I unzipped our tent I saw these three cute faces. (:

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