Saturday, July 23, 2011

Berry Patch

Our annual strawberry patch outing with the Moms of Grace group is always such a fun way to kick-off summer!  The kids love eating the berries and taking in all of the farm fun.  This was the first year that Ronan and Griffin actually filled a whole bucket with berries!  It was awesome to have such big helpers. (;
Katrina was off work, so she and her boys got to come along!
Ethan wore the right color for strawberry picking!
Sadie, Ro, and Laine
Fillin' the bucket (;
Caden & Tyler
Keaton & Deena
Lunch Time
John & Kelly
Molly & Mason
The always wild & crazy merry-go-round...
Proof that I was there (:
Tyler is almost as tall as Jenn!

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jillfuller13 said...

That Kyle is one cute kid. :)