Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day part 2

After the BBQ we came home to celebrate Griffin's 1/2 Birthday! Here he is opening his presents (basically an excuse to get him a few things he's been needing!).

New Jammies!
A Sunshade Buggy for the Pool!
Our running boy showing off his new surfer jammies.
Ashley and Camilla came over to hang out and watch a movie with us.
Ronan has always loved Ashley and Camilla, and this was the first time we really saw Griffin warm up around them too (: The kids got really hyped up (thanks to Ashley!) and had a hard time calming down for bed. We started our movie pretty late, but I think I'm the only one who fell asleep during it (:

Memorial Day part 1

The Rogers invited our small group to a BBQ at their house on Memorial Day along with some of their friends & family. There was lots of delicious food! Alan grilled ribs and chicken, and we all brought side dishes and desserts to share. It was a lot of fun! Their house is very kid-friendly... with toys, a big backyard, and a sweet doggy. The kids had a great time and the adults enjoyed getting to relax and visit with each other.

Aaron showing Cohen how to hold the bat.
Cohen and Griffin digging in the dirt and rocks.
Tyler and Tayden mowing together.
Sadie playing with Griffin.
A blurry picture of Tayden flying in the air!
The Guys
Josh, Aaron, Erik, and Alan
The Ladies
Kristina, Cheryl, Becca, Me, and Lindsey

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mom's Birthday Party

We celebrated my Mom's Birthday on Sunday after church with my sisters and their families. For lunch we had lasagna, salad, & bread, and an ice cream cake for dessert (: Yummy! After lunch Mom opened her gifts~ with the help of all the grandkids (: It was a nice, sunny afternoon!

Becca decorated the cake...
Cohen, Sadie, Ronan, and Tyler helping Memaw blow out her candles (:
Ronan posing with Memaw
Mom showing off her new biking safety vest from Papa (:
Aaron and Josh
Becca and Mom (wearing her new outfit from the Chases)
Mom & Papa
Before going home for naps we let the kids play outside for a little while. Here's Papa playing baseball with Ronan.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Audrey & Brad's Party

On Saturday we went to Albany to celebrate Audrey's 9th Birthday and Brad's 35th Birthday! It was a great party-we all had a lot of fun! The weather was perfect for a BBQ and outside playtime. I got carried away with pictures in this post, but there were just too many sweet moments to capture. (:

Brad trying out his new BBQ!
Ronan and Dylan playing soccer together.
Ronan hanging out with the big kids. He developed a little crush on Emma, one of Audrey's friends. (:
Griffin and Hailey Ratzlaff visiting with Kira
Griffin playing basketball with Logan and Connor Ratzlaff
Mama and Griffin
Amy and Erin

The kids cheering about Audrey's new cotton candy machine (:
Emma and Audrey getting ready for cake (:
Brad opening his gifts....this one is from Lydia.
The Sisters
(Me, Amy, Erin)
The brothers being "girly" ~ posing by the roses (:
(Josh, Brad, Jon)
A rare photo of Josh and I (:
Josh & his sisters
The birthday girl with her mommy!
Erin with Lydia, Dylan, and Audrey
The pretty sunset on the drive home!

Friday, May 23, 2008

finley time & a dr. appt.

We watched Finn at our house on Thursday morning while Katrina and Kenton were at work. Finley was very interested in all of Ronan's toys, especially his construction vehicles! It was cute watching Ronan trying to get Griffin and Finley to say "excavator and backhoe and dump truck"...they did pretty well. (: Ronan even got Finn to say "Transformer"--(he did a close approximation!)--because he thought that if Finn could request it, then I would let them watch the movie. (: Nice try, Ronan!
Finley, Ronan, and Griffin looking at a construction book together.
Helping Finley eat his breakfast. (:
Playing in the backyard.
Such a happy boy!
Kenton picked Finn up at 11:00 so that we could take Griffin to his 18 month check-up. He did great with the doctor! He was very compliant and mellow while the Dr. looked in his ears and listened to his chest. He was very serious throughout the visit...such a different personality than his big brother. (: His growth has been consistent and right on track: 33 inches tall (75th %ile) and 26 lbs. (50th %ile).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Week of School

Ronan and Sadie went on a field trip with their classes to Sheldon Park on Monday to celebrate the end of the school year (their school ends so early!). Griffin and I went along, and my mom walked over with Finley to join us! Ronan calls this park "Memaw's Park" since it's so close to her house, and Sadie calls it her "Birthday Park" because she had a B-day party there one year. (: They were very excited and had SO much fun playing with their friends!

Griffin climbing the play structure.
Ronan and Griffin greeting Finn and Memaw (:
Sadie eating snack with her classmates.
Ronan eating his snack with his buddy Forrest.
It's hard to believe that Ronan is already done with his 1st year of preschool! I'm so glad we decided to have him go as a 3 year old. It was such a good experience for him...meeting new friends, learning from such a nice & patient teacher, going to music class & P.E., field trips, etc. I know that Ronan enjoyed having a break from home, and I really valued the 1:1 time I got to have with Griffin. I am continually amazed at how quickly time flies, and I am reminded on a regular basis that I need to slow down a little...worry a lot less... and just enjoy my boys and all of the blessings in my life!