Friday, February 17, 2012

Visiting Oma

We all drove to Sun City to visit Oma, my dad's mom.  She had turned 90 years old  just a few weeks earlier (on New Year's Eve), so it was really great to get to spend some time with her and extend her birthday celebration!  Doesn't she look great?   I'm always impressed with her sharp mind...she has a great memory and is good at keeping up with all that's happening in our lives. (:  I was so happy that we got to see Oma on this trip!
We decided to meet at a park so that Oma could see all of the great grandchildren run around and play!
Sadie loves helping with Tate, and he has affectionately started getting her attention by calling her "mama" (;
Sadie and I were wearing similar outfits (:
I love Tate's "drink cup" In-n-Out onesie from Memaw & Papa!
Mom & Papa gave Oma some of the family photos that Erik took  at Christmas.
Oma surrounded by eight of her great grandchildren

My family with Oma (Photo by Katrina)
Four Generations (Photo by Katrina)

Tate got a lollipop from Memaw (;
 handsome guys (:
The styrofoam airplanes that M & P and Oma brought were a big hit!
Tate was wiped out after spending the day at the park!

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