Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back Home...

 When we got back from California our family experienced over two weeks of sickness!?  It started with me getting sick on the drive home, then Ronan & Griffin each missed several days of school because of fevers, and poor Tate had an ear infection. It was a miserable & draining time!  While the big boys were sick and laying around all day, Tate would often point to the front door and say something that meant "outside".  (:  It was awful being cooped up, so when everyone started feeling well again I took the boys to Bond Park for some fresh air!
Tate was so happy walk & explore & find sticks with his big bros.
Tate (14 months), Griffin (5), Ronan (7 1/2)
 I was glad I remembered my camera because there ended up being some nice photo opportunities. (:
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Proof that I was there. (;
We worked on building a bridge to cross the creak/mud area.
Tate got the last sip of Griffin's hot chocolate. (:

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