Friday, January 6, 2012

Ruddick Family Christmas

We spent the evening on Christmas Day with Josh's family.  The cousins were super excited to be together, and we all had fun celebrating together.  We opened gifts, ate a nice turkey dinner, and enjoyed way too many goodies. (;  Here are some of the highlights of our time together:
Great Grandma Ruddick sent these adorable hats for all the kids!  The boys got animal hats and the girls got cupcake hats.  Each came with matching scarves and gloves.
Grandpa loves Angry Birds!!  He got some figurines in his stocking (:
sweet cousins
Griffin got a cool Transformer from the Greens!
Macey liked the Barbie that we gave her.
Ronan the lion (:
Lydia looking adorable in her hat.
Audrey was so excited about the Paris stuff we got for her.  It's her dream to go there someday. (:
Silly Aunt Amy put fake glasses on Tate--too funny!
our monkey boy
Ahh, the wonderful chaos of Christmas with nine kids & nine adults!
Tate liked his new book, and was just as amused sitting in a box. (:  
Our annual "sisters" picture.
At the end of the night we surprised Grammie & Grandpa with a hand print Christmas tree!  (We had to wait until that day to make it when all the cousins would be together, and I'm so glad we were able to pull it off. (:  The kids cooperated so nicely!) 
Emma wanted to help hold it also.
Merry Christmas!!

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