Monday, December 13, 2010

Tate's 1st weeks at home

November 20th~ I just can't get enough of the love we're seeing between the brothers.  I'm so thankful that Ronan & Griffin are enjoying having a baby!  They aren't jealous and they are willing to help out (most of the time). (:  They both seem very concerned when he cries and try to comfort him with their voices.

The Henrys came over for a visit and it happened to be sunny & warmish that day.  
Aunt Katie held Tate in the sunlight:
Sweet cousin Finn
Tate's 1st bath at home:
Tate & Griff
That night Amy and her kids brought us dinner (:  They all LOVE their littlest cousin so much!
November 21st~ Family picture after having lunch at my parent's house:
Tie-dyed baby- 1 week old
More pictures of one week old Tate
It snowed on November 24th, and school was even canceled!  I don't remember ever having a snow day before Thanksgiving!
Our kids and the Chase kids played in the snow as much as they could before it melted.
The next day we arranged to bring Tate to Ronan's classroom since it didn't work out the week before.  Ronan had fun showing off his baby brother to his friends & teacher. (:

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Terra said...

He's so cute, Gretchen! I love the photos of you holding him!