Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February 14th

 The boys were so excited to wake up to cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Valentine's Day. (:
Their first gift from us was their own little box of chocolates.
After church we all had lunch at Memaw & Papa's house
Katrina took this cute picture of all the cousins lined up youngest to oldest.  
(Cedar was sleeping at the time)
New shirts from Memaw & Papa
(Griff moved his hand right when I took the picture, so you can't really see his new ski shirt.)
Me and my Valentine
Our big surprise for Ronan & Griffin was taking them to the pet store and letting them pick out a new parakeet!  We found Joey, a green & yellow parakeet, in our backyard in September and ever since then we had been wanting to get another one so that he could have a friend.  We all had fun deciding on which bird we would get, and then on the drive home we tried to come up with a name that everyone agreed on.  
Penny was the name we picked and she is such a sweet bird!!
  Josh tried to put her in the cage with Joey and she just wanted to sit on his hand for the longest time.  She seems much more comfortable around people than Joey is. 
It took awhile for them to get acquainted, but soon they were kissing each other and snuggling at night. (:  They are very cute together. (:

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