Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Josh!

We had such a fun time celebrating Josh's 33rd Birthday!  We stretched out the party over a few days, so it will take a few posts to get through. (:
During the day, Josh and I went on a lunch date to a new restaurant called The Bridge.  The food was great and it was sunny & warm so we got to sit outside!  After work the boys were so excited for Daddy to get home and open his presents!  Griffin had helped me wrap the presents and they each worked hard on making cards. 
So much love for Daddy!
Photo by Ronan:
Ronan describing his drawings:
A new Oregon State shirt from the boys.
Opening the new Arcade Fire CD!
No big power tools this year, but he was excited about a new popcorn popper. (:
Happy Birthday, Josh!  We love you SO much!

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