Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harvest Party

On Wednesday, October 20th, I went to Ronan's 1st grade class for their harvest party.  (Griffin went home with the Henrys after preschool, so I was able to go to the party by myself.) 
Each kid got to choose a pumpkin and then did activities at three different stations.
They decorated the pumpkins using push pins, sequins, and construction paper.
At the next station they estimated the weight of their pumpkin and then weighed them to see how close they were.
Ronan's self portrait (: on the classroom wall.
The final station was sorting pumpkin seeds into two piles based on size (grande & pequeno).
When Ronan's teacher needs to speak in English, she puts on her orejas de ingles (English ears), and the rest of the time she only speaks in Spanish.
My friend, Katie, with three of her five kids (baby Freeman, Aurora, and Gabriella).

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