Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Papa!

On Monday, October 18th, we all got together to celebrate my dad's birthday!  His dinner request has always been sloppy joes and tater tots --and we all look forward to having it!
Mom made two pies and a giant cookie for dessert!
Getting ready to watch Papa open his presents:
Tyler is getting SO big!  He and Katrina have the same size feet!
Papa and all the grandkids got new In-n-Out t shirts!
Griffin describing the artwork on his card:
Ronan drew pictures of what he and Papa like to do together: biking, fishing, and eating. (:
We all pitched in to get Papa a bike repair stand.
Mom & Papa were heading to Seattle the next day to be with Erik for his birthday, so they were able to hand deliver our gift to him.  Josh built a boom case for Erik (the Henrys and Chases pitched in for the supplies), and it turned out SO cool! 
We tried it out that night (;

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