Friday, October 15, 2010

October 6th

Josh started off his birthday morning by biking with Ronan & Tyler to school for Bike + Walk to School Day!   It was a chilly morning so they wore gloves and ear wraps.  The boys were really excited to bike together. (:
That day was also special because it was Buena Vista's field trip to Skate World!  The 1st graders were paired with a 4th grade buddy, so it was nice to know that Ronan had someone looking out for him. (:  I was planning on going with him, but his teacher said they didn't need volunteers and wanted the students to bond with other kids from the school. I understood, but it was a weird feeling to not go with him on the bus.  The night before the field trip Ronan told me that his teacher said that "moms" could come to Skate World to check on their kids.  (I could tell that meant, "Mom, please come!") 
So, I stopped by halfway through their time there (wanting to give him some independence) and saw my big boy skating and having fun.  I got teary-eyed several times watching him & realizing how big and brave he seemed.  I saw cousins Tyler & Sadie watching out for him, and Tyler's best friend, Drew, helping him up when he fell skating.  It was very sweet. (:
 Ronan with his 4th grade buddy:
Taking a break with Tyler & Sadie
Glow-in-the-dark fangs (:

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