Saturday, October 2, 2010

Slater Wedding

After Ronan's soccer game we went home for lunch and then got ready for Brian & Sarah's wedding!  It was a very sweet ceremony & reception for such a neat couple.  We were excited to be part of their special day! 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Slater!
The candy counter was a huge hit!  They had little pouches that you could fill up with treats to take home as the wedding favor. (:
We had fun hanging out with Auntie Erin and the Creager cousins!  The kids were cute to listen to as they talked about their first weeks of school. (:
Our Fam
Our boys were getting antsy so went outside to wait for the bride & groom's grand exit.  Josh took pictures using some different lenses.  It was such a pretty day!
~32 weeks pregnant~
Congratulations, Brian & Sarah!!

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