Thursday, March 31, 2011

new birdie + more

I ended up with some random pictures for this post, but these are the little things I want to remember:
Sadie is so sweet to Tate (all of the cousins are!).  What a lucky boy to have all of his cousins close by!
Trying to work on tummy time--he doesn't really enjoy it yet. (:
Cuddle time with Aunt Amy, who stopped by for a visit while Uncle Jon was in Haiti on a mission trip.
2/27/11 ~ We got a new bird in hopes of maybe someday having baby birdies.  This time we're pretty certain we got a girl (:  Now we have Joey, the original parakeet that we found in our backyard, Penny, the blue one that we now call Penn (she ended up being a he), and the newest bird is Dee Dee, which is how Ronan used to say Sadie when he was first learning to talk. (:
Dee Dee (with the darker tail feathers and wings) & Joey
Griffin & I made pizzas for dinner one night.  It was actually my first time making my own dough, and it was super easy--I wish I would've tried it years ago!

3/2/11 ~ I watched Finn & Cohen after preschool, and when Katrina came to pick up Finn after work she had a super cute new haircut!!  (Kelly was hanging out with me that day, too, and she also has a super cute hairstyle that is grown-out after being bald last spring from chemotherapy.)
Ronan's Cat in the Hat school project:
Griffin's chef hat from his preschool cooking demonstration:
As Josh was reading to the boys at bedtime one night, Ronan asked if Tate could lay with him. (: 
All four on the top bunk! (:
Talking on the phone with Daddy (:

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