Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Seis de Mayo~ Every year the students at Buena Vista perform in a special event called Fiesta Cultural(Josh and his sister, Amy, did it when they went to BV!)  This was Ronan's first experience, and I think he loved every minute of it!  They kids all did such an amazing job!  I was so impressed with the costumes and creativity--you could tell that a lot of time went into preparing for it. 

Ronan's 1st fiesta and Tyler's last--what a special thing to experience with his cousins!
I got a couple pictures of the kids waiting to perform.
Malaya & Ronan
Alayna, Vanessa, Ian, Gabriella, & Ronan
Allie & Sadie
The decorations were great!

I helped make Ronan's class' paper people (:
 They performed one song in English and one in Spanish.  They sounded so good and looked so cute swaying & doing the hand motions--definitely a tear-jerker for mama (& daddy). (: (I'll post the videos later)
Ronan in the middle:
Tyler in the middle:
Sadie in the middle:
Back to Ronan's class:
Sadie's dance (2nd grade):
Ronan's class did a Honduran dance called La Punta
5th Grade dance:
At the end, each class danced their way out of the gym (:
We stayed after for ice cream and the raffle drawing--and we ended up being big winners!  We won the "Family Day on the Town" raffle basket full of gift cards for all kinds of fun places in Eugene (Build-a-Bear, Regal Cinemas, Potter's Quarter, Jerry's, Jamba Juice...and more!).  What an awesome first Fiesta experience. (:
At home I got one quick picture with our star.

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