Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Winter Wonderland!

December 2013~ I brought out the fun Christmas mugs and all the fixins for hot chocolate.
I realize I am posting these pictures almost a year after the fact!  It's really hard to believe so much time has passed and there are times that I don't think I'll continue "blogging"...but I have decided to keep trying.  I love looking back at pictures over the years.  This is my way of scrapbooking like I used to do before having kids.  Some of these posts will be mostly photos and not very many words.  These pictures all spark a memory for me.  I don't want to forget these moments!

We cuddled on the couch with our cocoa and watched The Snowman.  It's tradition.

One of our favorite Christmas cookies, Chocolate cake mix cookies with crushed candy canes on top. :)

We had some amazing snow this winter!  I love this picture of Tate discovering the snow when he woke up in the morning.

The roads were super snowy & icy, so we decided to have an adventure and walk to the movie theater to watch Frozen. :)  It was fitting for the weather we were having!  We made it in time to see the last showing before the closed down the mall & theater because of the snow.

Our snowy house

The snow lasted for days, which is SO rare for Eugene!  We loved it and had as much fun as we could while it lasted.  It was fun having Josh home on those days, too!  We went on long walks, went sledding, and warmed up in the hot tub. ;)

Hot tubbing with cousins & friends

Family pics that ended up being our Christmas card pics. 

Griffin and Josh worked hard to build this snowman.

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