Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 and a half!

Griffin's half-birthday was on May 26th and we had a fun time celebrating him!  After we took Ronan to school, Griffin and I picked up Josh from work and we went to lunch at Ari Rang (one of our new favorites!).  Griffin loves the teriyaki chicken and sushi rolls. (:
Later on, the boys and I went to Target to pick out a few things for Griffin.  He was really needing some new summer clothes, so we found an outfit for him along with some summer shoes.  Ronan also chose a cool bouncy ball to buy for Griffin.
Griffin has such a sweet and mellow personality!  He is just about as active and determined as his big brother, but a little more cautious. (:  The way he talks and says certain words is so cute.  He likes to tell stories about when he was a baby, like "when I was a baby, I used to go to work at EWEB" or "when I was a baby, I used to play on a basketball team".  Ronan has learned not to correct him, but just to smile and say, "oh really?".  Griffin is definitely a daddy's boy, and always wants to be in Josh's arms (or on his shoulders) whenever he can.  He is shy at first when we go places and likes his things of comfort--mainly daddy, or me if Josh isn't there, and he loves, loves, loves his blankie and monkey!
Griffin's artwork: one of his first drawings of a person. 
He was practicing writing x's and o's also.  When I asked him to tell me about his drawing, he said it was "The Great King of the Great Knight". (:
One last thing I want to remember about Griffin as a three and a half-er: Whenever Josh says, "Hi G" to Griffin, he says, "I'm not G, I'm 3" and he insists that his name starts with 3 and that it's spelled 3riffin. (:

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Heidi said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting. Praying it all goes well and you enjoy this time while awaiting a new little family member. Miss you.