Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ronan's Performance

This Spring, in music class, the kindergartners learned songs all about Under the Sea.  It was a cute little performance--we were proud of our little 'mole crab'. (:  Ronan had quite an audience of family members, which I know made him feel pretty special: Grammie, Gr. Grammie & Grandpa Lermo, Memaw & Papa (with Finn & Cedar), Becca & Cohen, and Josh, me, & Griffin. 
Ronan is in the top row, 5th from left to right
happy little singer (:
singing Baby Beluga
Afterward, we got to go to Ronan's classroom to see his ocean artwork:
Sandy beach, a turtle, and a sand fish~ 
Tide Pool~
a dolphin~

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Jon and Amy said...

OOOh- I was so bummed I missed his performance! I really wanted to go, but I was a little nervous about how all 3 of my kids would do... BUT, I should have gone because it sounds like I would have had plenty of help from other family members! I'm so glad you took pictures! What an amazing little artist Ronan is! :)