Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cherries, Science, & Delta Ponds

Josh climbed the Chase's cherry tree last week and ended up picking 30-40 pounds of cherries!!  At one point he helped Becca get on the roof of the house to reach the branches that were just over-loaded with cherries.  I spent the next few days washing, pitting, and freezing cherries.
We even tried drying cherries in our convection oven, and it worked out pretty well.  They are so yummy & sweet--I'm excited that we will get to enjoy them throughout the year!
Wednesday, June 30th, we went to the Science Factory with the Henrys (Katrina & Kenton were on vacation), my parents, and the Chase kids.
Sadie, Ronan, & Papa
Thursday, July 1st~ Griffin wanted to try out his new fishing net from Memaw & Papa, so I took the boys to Delta Ponds to explore & look for things to catch. (:
a Blue Heron
We didn't have much luck in finding any tadpoles or fish, but they still had a great time "fishing".

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