Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last Day of School

Such a big boy on his last day of Kindergarten--I can't believe it!  
 Ronan's class got to go on a field trip to a neighborhood park where they had fun games, snacks, and a chance to play on the playground.  (Griffin and I went along.)
Ronan and his buddies: Jack, Owen, Ryan, Asher, & Dallas
After school we were invited to walk to get ice cream with Ronan's friend, Clayton, and his mom.  We ended up at Vanilla Jill's for frozen yogurt--yummy!
On the walk home we saw our favorite neighborhood kitty, 'crooked-tail', as we fondly call it. (;  It's the sweetest cat!
The fun continued when we were invited to Memaw's house for a last day of school party!

 We had just found out a week or two before that Ronan got into Buena Vista (Spanish immersion program) for 1st grade!  He was on the waiting list and we weren't expecting him to get in before school started, so we were all very excited when we got the news! 
Tyler-going into 5th grade!, Sadie-going into 2nd grade!, and Ronan-going into 1st grade!!
Enjoying Memaw's homemade cookies & ice cream!

Making big bubbles~

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