Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hume Lake

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Josh and I went as counselors to Hume Lake Christian Camp near Fresno, CA with the high school from church.  We were there from July 17th-24th~ a long time to be away from our boys, but knowing that they were in the loving hands of both sets of grandparents back home made it a lot easier!!  Serving in the high school ministry continues to be such a blessing in our lives.  I went into the trip feeling apprehensive because of the pregnancy concerns, but as the week went on I was amazed at how perfectly God had planned the whole experience.  Josh and I both had so much fun and we were able to have meaningful talks & interactions with several students during the week.  It was really exciting to see students making life-changing decisions and growing in their relationships with God.  I also felt personally encouraged & blessed by the group of girls in my cabin.  They were so sweet and sensitive to what I was going through with baby Tate. (:  We shared lots of laughter and tears during our cabin times at night.
Our Whole Group
Megan, Mykaila, and I canoeing
Josh and Alexander
Rachel & me
Josh with some of the guys: Jeremy, Sam, Alexander, and Luke
Jesse, me, Rachel, & Megan
Megan B, Jesse, me, Jill, Mykaila, Rachel, Torre, Devon, and Megan T
Seven girls in our group made the decision to get baptized on our last day of camp.  It was pretty awesome!  This is the group picture we took afterward.
Here is the highlight video from Hume Lake 2010

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