Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ronan's Party

Ronan wearing his special birthday crown from cousin Tyler. (:
On July 31st we had all of the family over to celebrate Ronan's 6th Birthday with a Star Wars/Slip 'n Slide Party!  Josh had the idea to get carpet remnants and pads to put under the plastic so that we could do the slip 'n slide down our driveway since we were limited on grass space.  It turned out great!
Super Ronan!
Tyler zooming by!
Uncle Kenton & Cedar
  The younger kids liked playing in the "pool" at the end of the slip 'n slide:
Ronan & Josh also thought it would be fun to shoot water balloons out of the air cannon-- (the one that Josh built a few months ago). (:
After the water games we gathered in the backyard for a BBQ
The Cute Novemberists: Griffin, Cohen, Macey, Ethan, & Finley ( Baby Tate will soon be joining their "club"!)
The kids had fun playing with the sweet neighborhood kitten that had been hanging out at our house.
Josh had recently been working on renovating our backyard, so it was neat to see how it felt with a large group of people.  He added benches to the deck, and extended the deck to another sitting area where there will eventually be a waterfall.
Grandpa, Grammie, Memaw, Papa, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Becca, Great Grandpa & Grammie Lermo:
Uncle Kenton, Cedar, & Aunt Katie, and Uncle Jon, & Aunt Amy sitting in the "waterfall area".
Present Time!
Cool skateboard shirt from Memaw & Papa
"Buzz & Woody" from Grammie & Grandpa
GI Joe guy!
Griffin trying out the silly egg-laying chicken from the Creagers. (:
Memaw & Papa gave Ronan this awesome Rock Star costume and an amp for his electric guitar!  He's a real rocker now!
Star Wars ice cream cake & cupcakes!
Make a Wish, Ronan!
One more quick picture with our big Birthday Boy!!


Anonymous said...

WE love all your blogs but these birthday ones with all the cute close ups made us ooh and aawe! love you!

Anonymous said...

oops...i forgot to sign that last comment-Memaw& Papa