Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Camping cont'd

Tate woke up happy even after a rough night of sleep.  He was starting to get sick, so he was awake every few hours. ): 

Since our family was up early we decided to go for a long walk.  It was sunny and calm on the beach--so pretty!

We found this sand castle on our walk.  The boys thought it was so awesome!
Mama & Tate
After lunch the whole family went to the beach and we spent the day playing in the sand, flying kites, and doing a treasure hunt.
Audrey & Lydia love helping with baby Tate (:
Grammie & Emma
We were very thankful for our wind tents because it got SO windy and cold as the day went on. 
(Josh's parents bought one for each of our families a few years ago and they have come in very handy on several occasions!)
Josh stayed warm digging in the sand & "burying" the kids (:
Audrey & Macey posing with Ronan who was buried up to his neck!
Ethan & Griffin
Grammie & Grandpa Lermo came over for the day to join us on the beach and at the campfire. (Grammie didn't want to leave without eating s'mores) (:
Tate sure likes Great Grandpa (:
It was nice having a dry, sand-free place for Tate to play in!
Grandpa and the Creager kids put together a treasure hunt for the rest of the cousins.  It was awesome!  They made up video clues and hid things around the beach.  The kids worked in teams and everyone had a lot of fun with it!
Searching for treasure...
 Griffin found one of the clues!
 Ronan & Ethan found their next clue, too.
Josh got our kite going and some of the kids got to try it out.  (Lydia and Griffin especially liked the kite.)
Cutie Cousins~ Tate & Emma
 The wind was SO strong that Amy literally had to hold onto Griffin so he wouldn't get taken away (:

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