Sunday, October 30, 2011

Erik's Visit

August 20th~ Erik spent his week of vacation in Eugene, and we were all so excited to get to hang out with him!!  My boys love Uncle Erik...all the kids do!  It was an awesome week full of all kinds of FUN!
Eating at Burrito Boy is always a must  when Erik is here. (:  Julia was able to be in town for a few days also! 
When Ronan and Griffin found out that Uncle Erik would be coming, they asked if they could call & ask him to remember to bring his skateboard. (:  He did...and they had a lot of fun practicing tricks together.
Admiring Uncle Erik's board:
Just chillin'
Poor Tate came home from camping with a bad cold.  He needed some special attention from Papa (:
8/21~ More skateboarding at our house...
 ...tryin' out the fun box that Josh built. (:
8/22~ Josh worked a half day and then we went to Shotgun Creek with Erik, the Henrys, and my parents who also had the Chase kids with them (Aaron & Becca were working).  We had heard that it gets really crowded there on the weekends, but being a Monday we practically had the whole swimming area to ourselves!
Griffin & Cohen getting used to the cold water!
*I borrowed the next three pictures from Katrina's blog (:

 All the cousins--oldest to youngest (:
 That evening we enjoyed a night out with my parents & siblings for Happy Hour at El Torito to celebrate Father's Day! (It was Papa's one request and it only took us two months to coordinate it?!?!  But, it worked out for the best because this way Erik was able to join us!)

*I borrowed the next two pictures from Katrina. (:


8/23~  A sushi night is another must when Erik is here! 


 For Erik's last night in town, the whole family came over to our house to eat dinner &  hang out.  The kids enjoyed the hot tub...
..and the adults had a good time visiting.
The whole "Hecht" clan!
SO night to be all together again!

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