Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tate, meet Mathea.

Our good friends, Ashley & Camilla, came to visit all the way from Norway for a few weeks at the end of the summer.  It was SO good to see them!!  We used to get together at least once a week when they lived here, and we have really missed that!  We were especially excited to meet their baby girl who was born just two months after Tate! ( I never thought we would have kids this close in age.) (: 
It was fun watching Tate & Mathea interact.
Katrina & Camilla
Getting acquainted (:
Sadie loves babies
Camilla, Mathea,  Ashley
We went out to the Stubbert's house one afternoon to swim & hang out.  McKenzie and Tiffany were down from Portland, so it was great to get to catch up with them also. (we have missed having them in town, too!)
Griffin checking out their cool pool toys.
Goofy boy (;
Ronan and Griffin were interested in Loren's swords and he was kind enough to give them a demonstration.  They loved it and still talk about it all the time. (:
Griffin's turn:
All by himself:

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