Friday, November 18, 2011

Erik & Julia

After Grandma Ruddick's party, we were able to meet up with Erik & Julia!  Julia was kind enough to share her guest passes to the Nike Employee Store with us--we had fun getting to experience that!  It was great timing, because we were all needing new shoes. (:
Cool Dudes
Tate trying on Daddy's new hat:
Posing (:
(Poor Griffin started feeling sick as the day went on...and ended up being sick the whole week after.)
Next we went to the Grilled Cheese Grill, where we enjoyed some awesome sandwiches!
Griffin & Josh checking out the double decker bus.
Ronan was hyped up! (tiring for Mama, but fun for Uncle Erik to get some wild pictures)
Here are some of the pictures, courtesy of my very talented brother: (:
Erik & Julia (:
A couple more from Erik:
I love Griffin's freckles in this picture!

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