Monday, November 21, 2011


Ronan & Griffin both played soccer this fall!
It was a first for us having two kids in sports at the same time, but it worked out just fine!  Griffin did Kidsports Tot Soccer, which is just four sessions (one per week), along with his cousin Finley!!  Ronan played on a Kidsports 2nd grade soccer team with kids from Buena Vista and Bertha Holt.  He had several buddies on the team, including his best friend Jaiden.
  The kids were divided into groups and each group had middle school-aged soccer players helping with the activities.  Griffin LOVED learning the soccer skills and playing the silly games at each station. (:
 Here's Griffin & Finley after a super rainy practice!  They didn't seem to mind the rain at all. (:
Ronan had an awesome season!  He improved a lot since last year with his ball control and his understanding of the game.  The whole team really got better with each game and by the end of the season it felt like they were working well together as a team.  We were all kind of sad for the season to end!
They played 6 on 6 (as opposed to 3 on 3 last year), so this was Ronan's first time getting to play goalie!
The coaches gave each kid a medal after the last game:
Awesome job, Ronan and Griffin!  We are very proud of you both, and had so much fun watching you play!

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