Friday, November 18, 2011

Surprise Party!

On September 24th we went to Portland to celebrate Grandma Ruddick's 80th Birthday!  It was a surprise party and it was a huge success!  She was SO surprised and overwhelmed with emotion.  It was very sweet to watch as she looked around the room and noticed all the people that were able to make it.  Grandma & Grandpa have made such positive impacts in so many lives over the years.  (They counsel people, teach Bible studies, and overall just show genuine love and encouragement to everyone around them.)  It was really special to see how much love was shown to Grandma for her 80th birthday!
Aunt Kris walking in with Grandma
Big hugs for all the grandchildren & great grandchildren.
Tate & me
Jon & Emma
Josh's cousins, Sara & Sam (who both traveled from out-of-state to be there)
Grammie getting Tate laughing (:
Brother & Sister (Josh's dad & Aunt Jan)
It had been years since we last saw Sam & Sara, so we had fun catching up!
Audrey & Macey
The original Ruddick family (just missing Aunt Kathy)
Grandma & Grandpa surrounded by their great grandchildren!
Grandma & Grandpa with their grandkids (just missing Aunt Jan's kids, I believe)
Cousins being goofy!
The Potter Family
Grandma and her two sisters
As the party was winding down the kids started playing hockey with Josh & Sam. 

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