Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Day of School

September 12th~ We got back from California on Sunday afternoon, just in time to relax a little before the kids started school the next day. (:  
Griffin started pre-kindergarten at Grace Community Preschool and Ronan started 2nd grade at Buena Vista Elementary.

They look so grown-up to me!  Where has the time gone??
I love that they are such good buddies!
Mama & Ronan
Griffin  & Mama
3rd Grader, Sadie & 2nd grader, Ronan
Ready for Class!
Griffin & his teacher, Miss Janelle
Griff & Finn (:
Checking out the classroom together...
The "Novemberist" cousins are all in preschool together this year!
Macey & Griffin
Griffin & Ethan

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