Monday, November 21, 2011

Josh's Party

October 1st~ For Josh's 34th Birthday we invited all the family over for dinner--and Josh had high hopes of the evening turning into a dance party!  He still had the dancing bug after being at Kellie & Steve's wedding! (: (:  He bought a fog machine and a laser, and even put up stage lights.  It was pretty awesome!
I made baked pasta and lasagnas for dinner.
And pumpkin cheesecake and these fun acorns for dessert. (:
The handsome birthday boy (:
It was a nice evening so people were able to eat in our backyard.
Griffin, Ethan, Macey, & Emma
Erin, Becca, & Aaron
Kenton & Katrina
Josh is always such a good sport and handles the sea of kids so well. (:
He was SO excited about the gift from the Chases!  A Michael Jackson dance game for the PS3! (A perfect way to start the dance party??)
Oh yeah, Josh also set up black lights and had glow paint for everyone to use!
It was so much fun!
Ronan & Sadie dancing in the laser light show!
Cedar even got into dancing!
Aaron & Becca
Josh really knows how to get a party hoppin' (:  I think everyone had a fun time, and most importantly the Birthday Boy had a blast!  I loved watching him have so much fun. (:

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