Monday, November 14, 2011

Cali Vacation- Beach Day!

Ahhh, this is what being at the beach is supposed to feel like!  
Warm air, warm sand, & warm water!  We were lovin' it!!
Cousin Natasha getting ready to ride some waves (:
We all went in the water--swimming, boogie boarding, & surfing.  Josh helped Ronan and Griffin boogie board, which was a lot of fun to watch!
They were so brave and did a great job!
There goes Griffin!
Ronan even rode some small waves on his own:
Ronan & Griffin keep asking when we can go back (;
Finding treasures:
Ronan made himself a seaweed skirt (;
Aunt Becca & Tate
Josh got some good use out of Natasha's surfboard.  He's a natural!
Time to dig with cousin Wyatt!
Photo by Katrina:
**We realized pretty quickly that we needed to do the "stingray shuffle" when entering the ocean.  Uncle Keith got stung on the foot by one. ):  Josh and Wyatt accidentally stepped on stingrays, but didn't get stung.  Crazy!  (I guess shuffling your feet in the sand as you walk scares the stingrays away.) 

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Donna Parsley said...

During the summer, I love having fun at the beach with my friends and family. Look at those kids! They're so cute. Wow, you guys did some surfing too. I bet you had a wonderful experience.