Monday, July 2, 2012

End of School!

We did it!  We made it through another school year! Ronan did an awesome job in 2nd grade at BV.  It was his toughest year so far, with lots of homework, projects, and public speaking, but he worked hard and did a great job!  He improved significantly in reading and speaking (in Spanish), and learned a lot about writing stories (again, in Spanish).  
We are very proud of you, Ronan!  Your favorite teacher, the wonderful Sra. Long, says that you are a friend to everyone in your class!  You are helpful, considerate, and fun to be around.  
Griffin had an excellent year of pre-kindergarten at GCP! He, too, had an awesome teacher (Miss Janelle), who challenged the kids in their reading & writing.  Griffin did a great job at learning sight words, reading books, and writing words & sentences!  He always tries his best, and is very diligent and precise in his work.  
We are so proud of you, Griffin!  It has been so fun for us to watch you grow and develop into a confident boy.  You are sweet, creative, and funny...and you have really good ideas. (: We know you will do great next year in kindergarten!
~ a flower for his teacher
Flashback: Here they are on the first day of school back in September (;
Grace Community Preschool put on a graduation/promotion program for all the parents.  Griffin got a diploma for finishing pre-kindergarten!  It was so special for Griffin to have three of his cousins in class with him this year!
Proud Mama
with cousins, Ethan & Macey
with cousin Finley
All of the graduates got a cookie with their name on it.
with Memaw & Papa
with Grammie (:
Goofy Boys (;

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Chelsea Walker said...

I can't believe how grown up your boys are, Gretchen! I love that last photo of Griffin and Finley. Some things never change! :o)