Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
We celebrated Father's Day with Josh's family on Saturday, June 16th.  We had a BBQ and enjoyed hanging out together.
We all went in on a big gift for Dad~ a fire pit!
He was pleasantly surprised. (:
Smore's supplies to go with it!
The Original Ruddick Five
I caught Grandpa playing with his new Kindle (;
My handsome husband--and the best Daddy to our boys!
The kids came up with a fun game using the cardboard & packing supplies from the fire pit.
The next morning we let Daddy sleep in for Father's Day, and we served him a nice breakfast in the backyard before heading off to church.
Josh & his boys (:
We gave him some new BBQ tools and tiki torches from each of the boys.
After church we enjoyed a nice dinner at my parents house and celebrated all the dads: Papa, Dave (Aaron's dad), Josh, Aaron, & Kenton.
It was so quiet in the family room, so I checked on the kids and this is what I saw. (;
Sadie & Griffin were playing dog & owner.  I guess Griffin was the doggy. (:
Papa with his three daughters
(We got to see Erik the day before!)
Father & Son
(It was nice that Dave joined us for lunch.  Aaron's mom had just passed away four days earlier...) ):
Just the dads
(Kenton left early to go to a movie with his dad)
Gifts & Cards for Papa
An attempt to get all the grandkids in a picture with Papa...
Happy Father's Day to each of the wonderful dads in our lives!  We are so blessed!

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