Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Griffin!

November 26, 2013~ Today we celebrated Griffin turning seven years old!  Wow!  He is growing up so much...a big 1st grader, learning Spanish, making lots of friends, trying new sports.  Griffin, we are so proud of you and the awesome boy you are!  It is a joy to be your parents!  
For lunch he requested the buffet at China Sun!  He loves pretty much anything that has to do with China...especially Chinese food! :) 
They brought him a special dessert and sang Happy Birthday to him. 
We ate dinner at home and had a giant cookie for dessert.
Griffin with his brothers on his 7th Birthday!
He was SO expressive while opening his presents. It was a lot of fun to watch!
We got him a new basketball for his upcoming season
Tate was eager to play with it ;)
 That evening we went ice skating!!
(It was Griffin's request after going to his first hockey game a month ago.) :)
Ready to go!
He was a natural!!
The Chase family joined us.  
Tate even got to ice skate!
Go, Griff!
We're a special bunch!

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