Monday, April 28, 2014

Tate's 3rd Birthday!

November 12, 2013~ Our baby boy is 3!  How can it be!?!  He requested a firetruck birthday party, and boy did we have fun with the theme!  Tate's buddy, Keaton, let us borrow his fire fighter costume.  Tate was SO excited to get into character right away on his birthday morning.
He got to open a couple of gifts from us that morning...
Love this sweet face!
Then, he got a birthday doughnut!
I love this sequence of Tate blowing out his candles...such an expressive boy!
We had a family party that evening--I made "Tate-r Tots", Chili, and had a baked "Po-Tate-O" Bar :).  And for dessert I made a firetruck cake and cupcakes.
Josh came up with all of the decorations!  It all looked amazing!
It was nice enough for outside seating--in November--yay!
The "fire"
Fireman Tate to the rescue!
The Greens
Great Aunt Fern was there, along with Great Grammie and Grandpa Lermo.  Fern had just recently moved into the same retirement community as G&G
The view from the balcony
Notice the net holding the "water" to put out the "fire" :)
Time for presents!  What a patient boy!
The costume was very reflective. ;)
Happy Birthday, sweet Tate!  We love you so much and are SO thankful that you are in our family!
What a boy!  He brings such joy to our family!
Just after the "water" was released--it was a little chaotic for a few minutes!
The cousins all worked together to put out the fire. ;)
Elsa- just 2.5 months old
Tate surrounded by his brothers & cousins!  What a blessing to have everyone so close!  (We were missing the Creagers here--with all the November birthdays we had to get creative with when we could celebrate. This fell on a school night, so it was tricky for them to travel down.)
I'm so glad we got this picture with Great Aunt Fern in it!  She passed away a little over a month later. :(
Firefighter Elsa
One of Tate's gifts was a guitar from Memaw and Papa.  He sang his favorite song right away: "Ho Hey" :)

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