Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hecht Family Christmas

The rest of Christmas day was spent at my parent's house and we all had a wonderful time!  It was so great to have the whole family together!
The Henry family helping Cedar open his gift from us...
...dinosaur puppets!
Griffin got to help open Tate's presents, including this Glow Worm from the Henry's (:
Star Wars Legos for Tyler
A name train for Tate from Uncle Erik
Awesome Star Wars lunch boxes from Uncle Erik!
Erik had my name for the gift exchange and he totally surprised me with Toms shoes!  I had been wanting a pair since the summer, but I kinda forgot about it and didn't ask for them for Christmas.  He just thought about it on his own--what a cool brother! (:
This is the "how did you know I wanted these?" look.
Aaron had Josh's name...
...and got him a humongous Nerf gun!
I gave to Becca
Josh gave to Aaron
We all gave Mom & Papa a calendar and Apple TV (:
Me with my little Tate on his 1st Christmas
(6 weeks old)
We are so thankful for the sweet gift that he is to our family!
Papa made these cool Jolly Roger climbing toys for the Novemberists!  He also made wooden dinosaur puzzles for Cedar & Tate!
And he made stilts for the three oldest grandkids!
What a fun Christmas!

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