Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hume Lake 2012

 July 7-14th Josh and I went to Hume Lake Christian Camp with 32 people from our youth group!  Hume Lake is about an hour from Fresno, CA, so it's quite a road trip to get there.  Thankfully the travelling went smoothly, and, most importantly, we had an absolutely incredible week at camp with our students!  I could go on and on about it...and show you hundreds of pictures, but I will try to stick with the highlights in this post. (I'll probably still go overboard on the pictures. ) (:
Me with my cabin-mates: Claire, Geneva, Clara, & Emily
We did the High Adventure Ropes Course (It was my first time, because last time we were at Hume I was pregnant.)
Steven, me, Caitlyn, & Mackenzie
Ready for Recreation!
The girl leaders: Liz, Karli, & Me
 Huddling up with our rec team after the Great Race
Our girls dominated at the famous game of Kajabe Can Can. In fact, our very own Jesse Edmundson was the Kajabe champion for the girls--all the the entire camp!  She got to sign her name on the golden trash can!  
 Recreation in a ton of fun, but the best times were when we got down to the real reason for being at Hume.
At chapel
Lovelite, the awesome worship band!
Anson McMahon was the speaker for the week--super funny, captivating, and also very serious about preaching about Jesus!
 The most exciting night at camp was when Jordan (above pic) & Jared (below) made the decision to accept Christ into their lives.  It was awesome to see theses guys really make their faith their own, not just something they grew up hearing about!  Josh was able to be there to pray with Jared, which was pretty special.
We spent a lot of time on the lake.  These guys thought it would be fun to tip/sink the rowboat. Karli & I watched from the shore as they wrestled with it...and realized how glad we are that we aren't high school boys or adult leaders who still act like high school boys. (;  
Josh and I were at Hume for our 13th Wedding Anniversary on July 10th!  We didn't exactly get to spend time together (alone) at camp, but we did get to sit at our own table for about 20 minutes and share a brownie sundae that evening. (:  It's the little things...  
 This is Super Spirit Day at it's best!  Our whole group really got into it this year--it was awesome!  The theme was Red, White, and Blue on You.  Eric & Josh found their shirts at Walmart on the way down to Hume.  Lol!  
Look at that spirit!
 The other major highlight of the week was seeing several of our students express interest in baptism.  Justin, Anthony, & Jordan decided to get baptized, and three of the girls did also: Clara, Leah, & Caitlyn.
I was honored that Clara asked me to baptize her (a first for me).
Our Whole Group!
Back Row:  Brady, Luke, Jesse, Kyle, Eric, Geneva, Alexander, Jared, Christian, Brooke, Jordan, Tyus, Steven, Anthony, Justin, Tyler, Chris, Josh, Liz
Middle:  Mackenzie, Caitlyn, Clara, Lexus, Bethany, Leah, Claire, Shelby, Emily, Megan, Brendan, Joey
Front Row: Karli, me, Mikey
 There were so many more amazing moments on this trip, but I don't want to overwhelm this post with pictures.  Josh and I just felt so thankful for the opportunity once again to see God work in the lives of students!  I wasn't expecting to make the connections that I did with the girls, and I know that it was not my doing.  I felt like God really prepared me & my heart to be able to serve that week (even though, at times, it was tiring and emotionally draining).  It was hard to be away from our boys...we missed them a lot!!! But, we also saw the value of the time that we spent with these high schoolers and the potential impact we were making in their lives.  I hope someday our boys will want to go to Hume or a camp like it someday. (:

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to our parents for being willing to watch our boys so that we could go on this trip.  They definitely played a role in the work that was done at Hume this year! (:

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