Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sports Camp

Ronan got to have his very first summer camp experience this year, the Jordan Kent Skill Camp, and it really went above and beyond what we had hoped for!  I was initially just excited that I got a good deal on the camp (thanks to Groupon!), but once the camp the camp started I was quickly impressed with the quality of it!  Each day they taught life lessons and also taught the kids about nutrition.  Ronan came home talking about perseverance & teamwork, and antioxidants & lean protein. (:  I'm glad he was paying attention! (;
 Ronan chose soccer as his sport (football & basketball were also offered) and ended up having a few buddies there that were doing soccer also.  He had so much fun and is already asking to do it again next year. (;
Our friend from church, Bryant King, was one of the volunteer coaches!
morning stretches
warming up
Jordan Kent is such a great role model for kids!  He is a former UO basketball, football, & track athlete, and went on to play for the Seahawks.  But you can tell from his website and by being around him that he wants to be known more for being a Christian.   
Last day of camp
Getting Jordan's autograph...

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