Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ronan's Party

For Ronan's 8th Birthday he requested a party with friends...full of water fun!  Josh got to work planning some cool water activities, including a "kid wash", water rockets, and a super awesome slip-n-slide!  Ronan and his buddies had SO much fun!  
Such a big kid!
The "Kid Wash"
I had fun with the Surf & Shark theme!
Nutter Butters into flip flops (:
Frozen water balloons to chill the drinks.
Buddies since preschool. (:
Slip-n-Slide craziness!
Griffin was happy to be included in Ronan's "friend" party. (:
Quick snack break...
Time for cupcakes & gifts.
Ronan got some cool Super Soakers and football stuff!  His friends know him well. (:
The Dudes:
Cade, Ryland, Ethan, Ronan, Deacon, Griffin, & Jaiden
(...and little Tate in the background) (:

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