Monday, October 1, 2012

Mt. Pisgah

July 31st~ Our moms of grace group hiked Mt. Pisgah (with all of our kids!), and wow, it was a big workout and a lot of fun!  I was so impressed with how well the kids did on the hike!  Ronan, Sadie, & Laine led the way and made it up the mountain first!  
Tyler and Caden kept a great pace, too, and waited for us moms from time to time.
Amy Reineke and Kelly Turanksi were there along with me, Becca, Jenn Friesen, Sydney Koh, and Lindsey Hayman.  (Sydney & Lindsey had to leave early, so they hiked up halfway.)
At the Top!
Cohen & Griffin
Lunch Time
I sure enjoyed this time with my boys!  I'm so glad that they like being outdoors & active! (:
Sweet friends, Sadie & Laine.
The Trail Blazers!
Kelly & me
Becca, Kelly, & Jenn
Heading down...

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