Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wildlife Safari

After hiking Mt. Pisgah, Josh met up with us and we drove to the Wildlife Safari!  It was our last day to use our Groupon, so we had to fit it in on this Tuesday afternoon. Going to the Wildlife Safari always brings back a lot of memories from my childhood!  We used to go there a lot when we lived in Winston and Tenmile.  The boys loved it--Griffin was pretty young the last time we went and didn't really remember it, so he was super excited to see the animals so close to our car!  Tate was definitely intrigued, too!
Pretty zebras!
Brown bear cooling off on this hot day.
The boys liked not having to wear seat belts. (:
This is the closest I've ever been to a hippo. It was really interesting to watch.
We all loved the monkeys!
It's not a trip to the Wildlife Safari without having an emu or ostrich right at your car window. (;
Sleepy Cats
In the village--a family picture of the five of us (see my reflection in the window) :)
Ronan, the goat (;
Sad boy with a messy, melting ice cream cone.  He didn't want any help, though, because he's almost two and wanting to be independent. (:
Our favorites!  It seemed like they were posing for us.
Josh took over with the camera and took these pictures of the boys.
What a fun, full day!

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