Friday, December 7, 2012

Backyard Campout

August 25th~ The kids were thrilled when they heard we were all camping in Grammie & Grandpa's backyard!    It was so much fun-we'll definitely have to do it again next summer!
Miss Emma & her buddy, Tate.
Erin's friend, Bradley, brought steamer clams from the coast.  They were a huge hit with everyone!  So yummy!
Emma's leg was itchy and uncomfortable. ):  Poor girl! 
Tate saw that Emma was crying and he crawled up to hug her.  Such a sweet cousin moment!
We ate dinner and hung out until it was time to celebrate Grammie's & Lydia's birthdays!
This was Josh's scooter from when he was little. (:
Josh's dad worked very hard on the backyard this summer!  It was great to get to enjoy the space with all the family! (We all went in on this firepit for him for Father's Day!) 
Happy Belated Birthday, Lydia & Grammie!!
Half-Bday Buddies
These four begged to sleep under the stars instead of in tents...and I was amazed to see that they lasted the whole night like that! (Amy ended up taking Emma home late at night because she was in so much pain.)  
Grandpa helped entertain the early-risers...
Mini boxes of cereal for the kids for breakfast!

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