Saturday, December 8, 2012

Back to School!

On September 4th, summer vacation came to an end and the big boys returned to school.  It's always such a bittersweet thing!  We had the best summer! We thoroughly enjoyed our relaxed schedule of staying up late and sleeping in, and getting to play outside every day. (:  But, it's also kind of exciting to start another school year.  Ronan was looking forward to seeing his friends...and Griffin was feeling ready to start kindergarten and be at the same school as Ronan & some of his cousins! (:
Ronan- 3rd Grade and Griffin- PM Kindergarten
They were good sports and posed the mandatory 1st Day of School photo shoot. (: 
I'm so proud of these boys, and honored to be their Mommy!
3rd Grade seems very big...old...grown up!
Proud daddy!
Ronan's teacher is new to the school this year.  Her name is Sra. Villamar.
That afternoon it was time to take Griffin to school!  He and Finley ended up in the same class!  I didn't know if that would happen, but we were pretty excited about it.  They are such good buddies!
Walking to school from Memaw & Papa's house.
I can't believe my Griffin is going to Kindergarten!!
This little guy wanted to wear his backpack, too.  (:  Mommy's not ready for him to go to school yet!!
Griffin and Finn started off the year at the same table.
Griffin was happy to get Sra. Baker as his teacher!  She was Cohen's teacher last year, and I'm pretty sure Cohen & Griffin both had a little crush on her. (:
Tate wanted to touch the school  bus. (:

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