Friday, December 7, 2012

Family Camping!

August 20-22~ The highlight of the summer for our family was our camping trip to Loon Lake!  This was a first for us--camping with just the five of us!  And although it's not easy to camp with a toddler, we had a fun & memory-making time as a family.  
We bought kayaks for the boys and they turned out to be such a FUN thing--for all of us. (:  Josh and I could paddle around on them, too, kind of. (; 
Tate loved the sand and being able to wade in the water. 
Around the campfire...
We hiked to a waterfall, and explored around the lake.
Griffin made friends with this cute little girl. (:
Tate liked riding in the kayak, too!
We brought Memaw & Papa's canoe with us.  It was so cool to be able to go out on the lake together!  Ronan and Griffin rowed a lot in their kayaks, and when they got tired we could tie them to the canoe. (:
Big smiles from Ronan, our outdoor-loving boy!
SOOO happy to be camping!
a salamander
A boy & his truck...
We loved being at Loon Lake!  It brought back so many memories from Josh's childhood!  We can't wait to go back. (:

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