Sunday, January 6, 2013

Griffin's Soccer Season

Sept-Oct 2012~ Griffin had such a fun time playing soccer in the fall!  He and Finley got to be on the same team, and they quickly became friends with the other boys!  (Most of their team mates were also in kindergarten at BV.) (:
Josh enjoyed getting to be the assistant coach!
Gotta love the parent tunnel for this age group! (:  
We got to watch a few of Cohen's games this season, too!
Novemberist soccer boys. (:
Devouring the half-time oranges.
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Griffin really developed confidence as the season went on!
Coach Josh with Finn & Griffin
Go, Griffin!
Tate's entertainment during the games...

The grandparents got in on the tunnel action. (:
Great job, Finn!
Grammie & Grandpa and Memaw & Papa did a lot of cheering at the games!
Griffin was excited to get his first soccer medal!
Great job, Griffin!!  We are so very proud of you!

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